Copyright Hatfield Local History Society.  March 2016

Copyright Hatfield Local History Society.  March 2016

A Work in Progress

 Market Place   (1970’s)

White Lion Square (1970’s)

The Pearl (1970) (Now removed)

Swimming Pool (1970’s)

The Old Palace Hatfield House

Pictures from the 1990’s by Shirley Knapp

The Broadwater Hatfield House

The Elephant Oak Hatfield House

Jan Kovic's leather animals in the stable yard. Hatfield House

High Water at Stream Woods

The Market Place

How Plot 613 became No. 139 The Ryde.  These photos were taken by the late Colin Bell and are reproduced here by kind permission of Hazel Bell - and with thanks to Aidan Bell who prepared the individual images for uploading to this web site.

Plot 613 on the Ryde loop, the starting point

Mechanical digger moves in

Work progresses on neighbouring plots.

Lorry arrives from Colt Houses, Ashford Kent

The foundation is laid

Assembling the timber frame

The sides are up  . . . .

. . . . And now for the roof

French windows at the rear

Working on the interior

Rear of bungalow

Now to build the brick garage

Gordon Kime tiling the roof

Snow falls on the Ryde loop, 21st Jan. 1964

No 139 The Ryde completed. The house was called “ Carillion” as in a “Set of Bells” The Bell family moved into "Carillon" on 7 Feb 1964.


Various pictures of Hatfield mainly the Old Town.

Burgess Funeral shop (Old Town)

Gracemead Cottages (New Town)

Waters Garage (Old Town)

Dagmar Hotel (Previously a School, Old Town)

French Horn Lane (Old Town)

Waters Garage (Old Town)

Fore Street (Old Town)

Salisbury Arms Temperance Hotel

(Old Town)

Park Street (Old Town)

White Lion Pub (New Town)

Park Street (Old Town)

Jasmine Cottage, Great North Road

(Old Town)

Militia Cottages Salisbury Square

(Old Town)

Militia Cottages being demolished

(Old Town)

Mill Green Mill from the Broadwater

(Hatfield House Park. c1900's)

The Park St. Chapel (Old Town)


Kennelwood House from Queensway House

Kennelwood House 2009

No1 Newtown

Newtown Inn 2009 formally

White Heart Pub

St Luke 2009

St Luke 2009

St Luke 2009

St Michael and All Angels Birchwood


St Etheldreda Church from

Church St.  2009

Memorial Window to

Mrs C.Drage

St Etheldreda

Presented by James, 4th Marquess of Salisbury in memory of his three nephews (the sons of Lord William Cecil ) all killed in the First World War.

The Brocket Chapel

St Etheldreda

In Memory of John Whitemore who died December 3rd 1801

Age 103

St Etheldreda


The Tingey’s were a prominent family in the New town, They had several shops, as well as serving on the Parish Council

The Tingey’s Furniture Shop

The Counter

In Store

In Store

The warehouse in the Chapel, French Horn Lane