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Hatfield Local History Society

 Hatfield This Century

 Newsletter No 2, June 1990 -  No 32, March 1999

This project originated at a W.E.A. local history course held at Hatfield Library in Spring 1990 and continues the work carried out by the W.E.A. between 1955 & 1965,culminating in the publication of the 12 volume series entitledHatfield and Its People”.

Newsletters from No 33, June 1999 -  No 71, Dec. 2008

June 1999 The Society changed its name to

Hatfield Local History Society

No 33-71

Newsletters from No 72, March 2009 -  No 107, Dec. 2017

No 72-107 No 2-32

New, Index by Hazel Bell

Updated 20/05/2018


Note: References are to newsletter issue no. followed by (allotted) page numbers, each issue taken as beginning with page 1.

The Supplements to Newsletters 34 and 56 are indexed as pages 5, 6 and 7.

Inserts to newsletters starting with no. 74 are indexed just as ins.

Page references are given in the form:

The newsletter issue no. is followed by a stop; page numbers in that issue are separated by commas; newsletter references are separated by semi-colons. Thus –

40.2; 44.1, 3;  51.2-3; 76.ins

would indicate page 2 of newsletter 40, pages 1 and 3 of newsletter 44, pages 2 to 3 of newsletter 51 and the insert to newsletter 76.

 References in italics indicate illustrations.

 Article titles are given “in quotes”, under the names of the authors.

 Book titles are listed in italics, under the names of the authors if given, or under their titles.

 Names of HTC/HLHS commitee members are listed only for first or significant references.

Abbreviations used: CM for committee member; DH for de Havilland Aircraft Company; exh for exhibition; HLHS Hatfield Local History Society; HPC Hatfield  Parish Council; HTC Hatfield This Century; L letter; WWI World War I; WWII World War II.

Major headings appear in boldface