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A New Publication    Changing Times By Brian Lawrence  £6.00  

Stories of Hatfield Old & New      More Information

Hatfield at War  By Brian Lawrence  £6.00

This book (3rd Edition), tells how the Second World War affected ordinary families.                                          Preview

Taking Off  by Hatfield Local History Society  £5.00

This publication tells the story of de Havilland Aircraft Company through the eyes of some of those who were there at the time. From the early 1930s through to the early 1950s            Preview Page: Taking

Hatfield Answers the Call 1914-1919 by Brian Lawrence  £7.50

The story of a small town & its people in the Great War.  Preview

Hatfield & Its People by W.E.A.  £4.00 bklet or £40.00 set

13 bklets. On various aspects of Hatfield’s history. (Bk. 11 in two parts a & b)

Hatfield & Its People Cumulative Index to parts 1-12 by Hazel K. Bell  £4.00

A must for finding your way around the Hatfield and its People bklets.

Rock Around The Block by Hatfield Local History Society  £5.00

Half a century of popular music associated with Hatfield.

Glebe Cottages, Hatfield by Joy Emerton   £5.00

110 years of the only remaining Victorian estate in Hatfield.

Growing up in Hatfield before 1945   £4.00 set.

A set of four booklets of memories of Hatfield people for the 1990 WEA series of meetings.

Queen Hoo the story of the Manor & Hall commissioned by Ann Mead

£4.50,  History of a local house from c 1060 until 2003.

The Tingeys of Hatfield  by Janet Robinson  £4.50

A comprehensive history of the Tingey family from 1725. Telling their story from first coming to Hatfield until the closure of their business.

A Walk Around Old Hatfield  by Gladys Brown  £3.00

Local landmarks and their history.

The Ryde Remembered Price £7.00 + pp

The book examines that roughly triangular piece of land surrounded on three sides by the Great North Road.  

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