Hatfield Archaeological Society

The Hatfield & District Archaeological Society was established in 1967, and went on to excavate a number of medieval and post medieval sites in and around Hatfield.

The first challenge was to explore the remains of an ancient pond dating from the Tudor period in Batterdale, situated on the site of the present Catholic church.

Michael Stevens 2018

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Comment By Stewart Bullen

Hi, just found the web page about the Hatfield Archaeological Society having never visited before. I note in some of the photographs that one regular member of the group appears to be ‘name unknown’! Well, the blond, skinny youth was me! I joined the Society on the first day of the first dig in Batterdale and remain a regular member until I got too tied up in study to give it the time it deserved. I unearthed the Bellermine flagon depicted in the photographs. I remember Malcolm, Joe, Mike and the rest very well indeed!   Stewart appears in image 5 back row, 27 welding a spade, 47 during Civic Week exhibition, 64 red sweater. My memories of the Society are very fond ones, I tried never to miss one of the Sunday meet ups unless unavoidable and characters like  Malcolm, Joe and Mike had a very formative and positive affect on me! But that’s a very long time ago!