The following list of solders that died during WW2 is by no means complete, the source for the list came from the Hatfield War Memorial in The Great North Road, The Commonwealth War Graves Commission and a memorial plaque in the Hatfield Social Club.

Further names to be added as our research continues.

Sidney Thomas Payton served in the first world war, survived, joined up for WW2 and was sadly killed at a train sidings in Normandy.

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SurnameFirst NameRankRegNumberRegimentDateLocationAgeBuried
AGERCharles PeterDriver14543296REME12 July 1944England34St Lukes HatfieldSon of Charles and Lillie Eliza Ager; husband of Hilda Mary Ager nee Warner, of Hatfield.
ALDERSONRichard CosmoMajor/ Captain99180Cold Stream Guards10 June 1944Italy38Bolsena War CemeterySon of Edward Hall Alderson and Mary Emily Alderson; husband of Gillian Mary Alderson, of Hollesley, Suffolk.
ALLENRobert WilliamPetty OfficerP/MX78357Royal Navy24 July 1943Libya23Tobruk War CemeterySon of Robert V. L. and Louisa Allen, of Warren Wood, Hertfordshire.
BALLANCEDenis CharlesLeading Aircraft Fitter1378366RAF01 June 1941England24Essendon & Woodhall St MarksSon of Alaric Charles Ballance, and of Mary Phelips Ballance, of Hatfield. B.A. (Cantab.).
BARBERAlfred DownesPrivate5383453Kings Regiment03 January 1945Greece28Phaleron War CemeterySon of Alfred and Florence V. Barber, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
BOXALLFrederick WilliamL/Cpl14810212Royal Engineers28 March 1946England23St Lukes HatfieldSon of William and Ellenor Boxall, of Hatfield
BRACERichard StanleyRPrivte7887088Royal Army Ordnance15 Febuary 1942At Sea24Egypt Alamein MemorialSon of Stanley and Constance Brace; husband of Joan Phyllis Brace, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
BRACEYWalterL/Cpl1885767Royal Engineers09 April 1943N Africa27TunisiaSon of H. G. and Marion E. Bracey, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire
BROWNSELLJohn StewartSgt748564Royal Air Force ReserveJune 1942England21Hatfield Park War CemeterySon of Walter Ernley Brownsell and Hannah Anderson Brownsell, of Wymondham, Norfolk.
COLLIEThomas P.Gunner2875823Royal Artillery25 July 1943Sicily33Syracuse War CemeteryHusband of Dora R. Collie, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire
COXFrank GeoffreyPilot Officer149332Royal Air Force Reserve02 December 1943Berlin23Berlin 1939-45 war cemeterySon of Frank & Mary Cox living at Selwyn Ave. Hatfield
CURRELLAlbertFusilier1634572Royal Scots Fusilier26 October 1944N W Europe34Bergen Cemetery NetherlandsSon of George & Mary Jane (nee Fisher) Currell of Green Lanes Hatfield
DRAGEQuentin LovellCpt (MC)165453Honourable Artillery Coy.20 September 1944Italy24Coriano Ridge CemeterySon of Robert Lovell Drage and Kathleen Mary Drage, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
EAGLESArthur J.Lance Bombardier1774334Royal Artillery11 December 1942Bombay38Delhi War CemeterySon of Arthur James Eagles and Florence Maud Eagles; husband of Ivy May Eagles, of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire.
ELLIOTTGeoffrey JackWarrant Officer14576920Royal Signals11 January 1947India22Ranchi War CemeterySon of Ernest and Caroline Jane Elliott, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire
ELLISSAlfred CharlesSub-LieutenantRNVR Fleet Air Arm05 August 1944England20Lee-On-Solent MemorialSon of Alfred Henry and Lena Elliss, of Hatfield
EWINGTONStanley JamesPte5959550Royal Army Ordnance06 November 1944Italy24Arezzo War CemeterySon of Mr. and Mrs. G. Ewington; husband of Winifred Mary Ewington, of Ditherington, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
FLITNEYDoris MaudWAAFN/AWAAFOctober 1946England33St Johns Church, LemsfordDaughter of Mr Ernest and Mrs Florence Rose Flitney of Cromer Hyde Hatfield
FLITNEYErnest LesliePte6025880Beds & Herts Reg16 June 1943Burma33Taukkyan War CemeterySon of Ernest and Rose Flitney; husband of Doris Flitney, of Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire
FOSTERWilliam PatrickF/Sgt907568RAF04 October 1944Singapore27Singapore MemorialSon of Thomas and Effie Foster; husband of Sadie Kathleen Foster, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
FULLERHerbert AlmondPte5956270Beds & Herts Reg12 September 1944Japan PoW32Singapore MemorialSon of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Fuller, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
GANTBasil ErnestPte5571116Worcester Reg29 May 1940France21Dunkirk MemorialSon of Mrs Malyon of Edmonton Essex
GAYLORArthur AlbertL/Cpl5946918Beds & Herts Reg31 May 1940Dunkirk30DE Panne Communal Cemetery BelgiumIN MEMORY OF MY DEAR DAD. WHILE LIFE AND MEMORY LAST I WILL REMEMBER. HIS DAUGHTER JOYCE
GAYLORHarry GordonCpl5949301Beds & Herts Reg07 Nov 1941Tobruk25Knightsbridge War Cemetery LibyaSon of Walter and Emily Ada Gaylor.
GREENHAMArthur Henry ThomasPte6853735The Parachute Regiment14 July 1943Sicily19Catannia War CemeterySon of Charles Henry and Louisa Greenham, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire
HALLRonald FrankF/Sgt652681RAF25 May 1941Egypt20Alamein MemorialSon of Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Hall, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
HILLKenneth A.L. Sick Berth AttendantP/SBR/X8098RN01 January 1943N Atlantic22Portsmouth Navel MemorialSon of Hubert Henry and Miriam Frances Hill, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
HOBBSIvor KennethPte14756541Somerset Lt Infantry09 March 1945Germany18Reichswald Forest CemeterySon of Charles and Beatrice Hobbs, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire
JARMAINRaymond LouisRifleman6853398Kings RRC30 April 1943Tunisia22Medjez-EL-Bab CemeterySon of Edward George and Helen Jarmain, of Hatfield Park, Hertfordshire.
KENDLEFrank CharlesL/Cpl5952766Beds & Herts Reg29 May 1944Burma25Gauhati War Cemetery IndiaSon of Frank and Emily Martha Kendle; husband of Margaret Elizabeth Kendle, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
LAURENCEAlan RobertSgt1395121Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve24 December 1943Europe21St Lukes HatfieldSon of Wilfred Allen Laurence and Winifred Louise Laurence, of Hatfield.
LAWRENCERonald WilliamSgt.581399RAF12 June 1940France19St Sever Cemetery RouenSon of Elizabeth Emily June Lawrence, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
LONGHURSTWilliam AlfredL/Cpl5959086Military Police30 March 1945Germany31Reichswald Forest CemeterySon of Alfred and Florence Longhurst; husband of Clara Elizabeth Longhurst, of New Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
MINCHINDenisCapt74508Heavy Regt. Royal Artillery11-Nov-40England (Canadian)22St Lukes HatfieldSon of Major-General Frederick Falkiner Minchin, C.B., and of Caroline Jane Royds Minchin (nee Lloyd), of Hatfield.
MAYRobert SeayearsSqn Ldr4040990 Sqdn.RAF B Command29 April 1943Baltic27Runnymede MemorialSon of Robert Seayears Oliver May and Mary Jane McKechnie Lindsay May, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
NEALEAlfred ThomasL/Cpl2112573RE28 October 1942Egypt29El Alamein War CemeterySon of Alfred Ernest and Ellen Neale; husband of Hilda May Neale, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire
NICHOLSAlfred EdwardCpl540396RAF01 November 1945England28St Lukes HatfieldSon of William David and Mabel Nichols; husband of Hilda Elizabeth Nichols, of Hatfield
NICHOLASEdward CharlesPte14781873Somerset Lt Infantry01 April 1945Holland19Holten Canadian War CemeterySon of Herbert J. and Margaret A. E. Nicholas, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England.
PARKINSONJack StanleyCpl.14400955Durham Light Infantry16 November 1944Italy23Meldola War CemeterySon of Annie Parkinson. Jack living at Crawford Rd. in 1939
PAYTONSidney ThomasSapper1898948190 Rly.Operating Coy. Royal Engineers17 June 1940France41Dunkirk MemorialHusband of P. E. Payton, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
PRIESTMANJohn Reeve ThorntonLt100042Lincoln Reg07 March 1943Tunisia27Medjez-EL-Bab CemeterySon of Major-General J. H. T. Priestman, C.B., O.B.E., D.S.O., M.C., and Mrs. H. L. Priestman, of Bengeo, Hertfordshire. B.A. (Cantab.).
QUINCEYJames WilliamSgt Pilot74514478 Sqdn RAF Vol. Res.2 March 1941Germany26Runnymede MemorialSon of Ernest Willaim & Daisy Quiney of Hatfield Herts.
RANDALLHarry WilliamL/Cpl5340601R Corps of Signals6 April 1943Burma25Rangoon Memorial, MyanmarSon of Harry and Eva Lucy Randall, step-son of Mr F.S. Taylor Hatfield Herts.
ROURKECyril HerbertSgt1073427RABetween 26-30 Apr 1941Mid East33Athens Memorial GreeceSon of Mr & Mrs Edward Rourke, husband of Edna Mary Rouke of Hatfield Herts.
SEARGeoffrey Arthur WilliamL/Cpl -Trooper46244559th Bn Duke of Wellington (West Riding) Regt. RAC16 July 1944India28Kirkee War Cemetery, India.Son of William & Alice Sear of Hatfield Herts.
SHEPPARDBenjamin QuinneySgt910413RAF Vol. Res.23 December 1940England20Bishops Hat. St Lukes Church R.3 Grave 17Son of John & Amelia Isabeller Quinney Sheppard of Hatfield.
SMITHBernard WilmotSgt Pilot1615929RAF Vol. Res.03 March 1945Italy21Ancona War CemeterySon of James Thomas Smith and Ada Caroline Smith, of Hatfield, Hertfordshire
SMITHRoland JackSgt Observer1225704RAF Vol. Res. 158 Sqdn.20 July 1942Germany28Texel (Den Burg) Cemetery NetherlandsSon of John James & Floris Smith, husband of Hilda Joyce Smith of Hatfield Herts.
STOREYFrederick A.Able SeamanPO/X 367602Royal Navy HMS Sub Syrtis30 March 1944At sea?Portsmouth Naval Memorial Pn. 83 Col. 2Married Florence M Saunderson in 1923 Edmonton??
THOMPSONRichard McKinleyMarinePO/X 112174Royal Marines8 May 1945Hamburg22Hamburg cemeterySon of J.W. & Jane Webster Thompson of Hatfield Herts.
TYLERJohnSgt5952296Monmouthshire Reg. 3rd Batt.18 December 1944Holland25Swartbroaek Churchyard Row 1 Grave 7aSon of Eli & Frances Elizabeth Tyler of Hatfield Herts.
VENABLESJoseph AlbertL/Sgt2132500RE 757 Field Coy.29 October 1944Holland29Bergen-Op-Zoom war cemeterySon of John & Mary Ann Venables of Hatfield Herts.
WALLISRobert WilfredRFM6969559Rifle Brigade 2nd Bn.29 July 1944Italy23Arezzo War cemeterySon of Reginald Joseph & Florence Wallis of Hatfield Herts.
WATTSidney MillerBombadier1735694RA, 49Bty. 48Lt. A.A. Regt19 July 1945Sarawak PoW38Lubuan War cemetery MalaysiaHusband of Gertrude C Watt of Crawford Rd. Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
WEEDONFrederick NormanPte5951765Queens Royal Reg. West Sussex 1/5th Bn.16 June 1944Caen27Bayeux Memorial Panel 12 Col. 3Son of Frederick & May Weedon of Glebeland Hatfield, Hertfordshire
WESTGerald ArthurF/Offr (DFM)13951644 Sqdn. RAF Vol Res.2 December 1943Berlin30Berlin 1939-45 war cemeterySon of Fred & Ethel West and husband to Joan West of Mountfields, Shrewsbury , Shropshire.
WILLIAMSAlfred AmosPte7521439RAMC19 September 1943Malaya28Kanchanaburi War CemeterySon of Alfred Williams, and of Elizabeth Mary Williams, of Lemsford, Hertfordshire; husband of Emily Elizabeth Williams.
WOODCOCKDavid George OlneyCapt138918KOYLI20 February 1944Anzio.30Anzio War cemetery, ItalySon of William & Kathleen Woodcock and Husband to Kathleen Patience Woodcock of Hatfield Herts.