Hatfield fifty years of change.

When I originally took the first series of black and white photographs back in 1968, little did I think I would be doing the same thing again in 2018.

The collection then is a compilation of images showing how Old Hatfield has developed over the years.

The original black and white images were taken using a Yashica 44LM twin lense reflex camera on 127 roll film.  Subsequent colour images were taken using a Fuji 9600  finepix digital camera.

By 1970 many of the buildings featured in 1968 had disappeared as part of the redevelopment of Old Hatfield.  So you could say I got there just in the nick of time.

Michael Stevens 2018

Please note -: I have had to reduce the number of photographs in order to save space on the web site, so you might be confused by the numbering system. The Editor

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