Taking Off

Memories of de Havilland at Hatfield 

(edited by G. Philip Marris)

The history of the de Havilland Aircraft Company is well documented with many books written on the subject. This publication tells the story of de Havilland through the eyes of some of those who were there at the time. The story starts in the early 1930s when the company first moved to Hatfield and continues through World War II and into the 1950s. Personal recollections by their nature are not always accurate, especially when committed to paper sometimes years after the event. Readers will therefore find occasional editorial comments within the running text. These are given in italics within square brackets. Grammatical corrections have also been made but with a hopefully light touch that doesn’t distort the original voices.

It was beyond the scope of this small volume to recall everything, for example the trials and tribulations of the DH 106 Comet jet airliner. Nor does this book cover the post-1960 era by which time de Havilland had been absorbed into Hawker Siddeley. However, many rare photographs and advertisements were able to be included, with the kind permission of their copyright holders.

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ISBN: 978-0-9928416-5-2
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Pages: 86
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