The Ryde Remembered

Recollections and History of The Ryde, Hatfield 

(by G.Philip Marris and Diana Press)

This book examines the history of the Ryde area of Hatfield, Hertfordshire, a roughly triangular piece of land amounting to some 126 acres and surrounded on three sides by the Great North Road, Hertford Road and Mount Pleasant Lane. The area is steeped in history, having been used for arable and pasture purposes for many hundreds of years. The name ‘Ryde’ (formerly ‘Ride’) is thought to be no older than the Nineteenth Century. In earlier times, it was Blackland and, after that, Black Land Field and Bull Stock Green. By 1825, it had become Red Lion Farm under the tenancy of the licensee of the Red Lion Hotel in the Great North Road.

The Twentieth Century saw further transformations. Firstly, the land was converted into small holdings. Then, in 1957, the biggest change of all took place when the land was allocated to become a housing estate as part of the overall expansion of Hatfield as one of the post-war New Towns.

This book relies on original sources preserved at the County Record Office in Hertford. It also relies on old maps, directories, electoral registers and Census returns. Importantly, it contains the recollections of individuals who were kind enough to provide their own personal memories of some of the events described.

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