When the Bombs Dropped

The Story of the de Havilland Factory Bombing

(by Terry Pankhurst)

It is some eighty years since the de Havilland factory was bombed in 1940 and the story of what really happened that day continues to be uncertain. Many people experienced the event and subsequently told their stories.  But, as with all witnesses, everyone remembers things differently.   Many witnesses are now no longer with us.

The author of this book has tried, once and for all, to establish the real story of that fateful day and has pulled together all of the accounts that he could.  These include accounts published elsewhere (in books and newspaper reports), new ones that came to light through seeking out witnesses (who told their stories for the first time) and others through local-history interviews.

The author found from the outset that he couldn’t establish the precise truth of what happened on that day as there was no real consensus on some of the major issues.  All the available facts are presented for the reader to establish his or her own ideas of the truth.

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